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Landon Conrad, Angel Rock

Release Year: 2018 Models: Landon Conrad , Angel Rock Genres: Anal Sex , Blowjob , Cumshots , Hairy , Kissing , Latinos , Masturbation , Muscles , Rim! ming , Tattoos , Uncut. Video language: English On the highway of love, we can all use an occasional ride. Furious with his lying, cheating dirtbag of a boyfriend Tyson Tyler, Landon Conrad hits the road. And what luck! The car service he calls sends a Cuban charmer (Angel Rock) to pick him up. Angel lends an ear, and offers a little counsel for the broken-hearted hottie. A level playing field mends a broken heart, he tells Landon, and turnabout is fair play. So what if Angel is speaking less from his heart than his balls? He knows what ails Landon, and he's happy to deliver. He jumps over the partition, and — in position after position — pumps Landon back to life. When the dicks are this big and the boys this gorgeous, who cares if the meter's still running? Anal- - Crystal Maiden - Hot fuck and cum-gushing puss

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